The 2021 Cohort Set of Four


This item will be released November 24, 2021.

Ships when Available. Pre-order this set of all four 2021 titles by November 2nd and receive a limited edition set of four hand-letter-pressed postcards featuring essential words drawn from each book.

  • The Math of Saint Felix, poetry by Diane Exavier
  • Banana [             ] / we pilot the blood, two poems by Paul Hlava Ceballos & Quenton Baker with critical contemplation by Christina Sharpe & Torkwase Dyson
  • Joy Has a Sound: Black Sonic Visions, an anthology edited by Rachel Kessler & Elisheba Johnson of Wa Na Wari
  • Bloodtide, graphic nonfiction by Eli Nixon

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Pre-order all four 2021 titles at once for a discounted price + receive a limited edition set of four hand-letter-pressed postcards featuring essential words drawn from each book. Diverse and daring in form, content and perspective, the books of the 2021 Cohort are in conversation with one another and with readers…with you. On its own, each book is an essential and urgent offering. As a collection, they chart a vast terrain of unbounded imagination, grief, joy and possibility.

Math of Saint Felix, by Diane Exavier
This book attempts to do the math of a woman, a family, two countries, a diaspora. Here interdisciplinary writer Diane Exavier continues the work of generations with the voice of a weary prophet. The Math of Saint Felix is elegy, ledger and legacy.
ISBN: 978-1-7344071-9-8
Trade Paper
191 Pages
8″ x 8″
Color Images

Banana [        ] / we pilot the blood, by Paul Hlava Ceballos & Quenton Baker with  Christina Sharpe & Torkwase Dyson
Paul Hlava Ceballos assembles a bloody portrait of multinational exploitation in “Banana [Republic],” and in “we pilot the blood,” Quenton Baker surfaces the afterlife of slavery. Two poets’ accounts of Empire published tête-bêche, between them a contemplative interval conducted by writer and scholar Christina Sharpe in dialogue with artist Torkwase Dyson’s Hypershapes.
ISBN: 978-1-7344071-8-1
Trade Paper
112 Pages
8″ x 8″
Color Images

Joy Has a Sound: Black Sonic Visions, edited by Rachel Kessler & Elisheba Johnson
A home for Black art and culture in Seattle’s Central District, with this anthology Wa Na Wari makes a home for the essays, poetry, scores, scripts and silences of the Black poets, musicians, artists and scholars assembled by editors Rachel Kessler and Elisheba Johnson to wonder about the time-traveling, place-making power of sound.
ISBN: 978-1-7379258-0-4
Trade Paper
185 Pages
8″ x 8″
Full Color

Bloodtide: A Proposal For a New Holiday in Homage to Horseshoe Crabs, by Eli Nixon
Cardboard workshop how-to, karaoke songbook, nature drag theorization, 450-million-year-long love letter, illustrated field guide to a different future—Bloodtide proposes exactly what we need in a form we never imagined: a new kind of holiday in homage to the ancient Horseshoe Crab.
ISBN: 978-1-7379258-1-1
Trade Paper
195 Pages
8″ x 8″

About Our Land Acknowledgment

In support of truth-telling and reconciliation, and with the belief that a book can be a liberated and liberatory space that travels through time and across borders, the authors of the 3rd Thing books share their pages with an Indigenous writer. In 2021, that writer is poet Summer J. Hart. Her words conjure the quiet rapture and violence of our connections to place and to one another across and between the borders of time, death, waking, and creature-ness. When you buy all four books, you also get a small and perfect collection of Summer’s beautiful poems.

About Our Books as Objects

All 3rd Thing books are thoughtfully designed for people who love books…to read them, to smell them, to write in their wide margins, to tuck things in their pages. They feature recycled cover stock and French folds for holding your place. All the 2021 books are the same, perfect squares  – 8″ x 8″…not too tall and not too small – so they fit neatly together on your shelf or in a stack on your coffee table…because they are so beautiful, you will want to look at them all the time.

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