“The third thing” is the idea that emerges when we use imagination instead of compromise to solve a problem, meet a need, repair an injury, right a wrong, answer a question, question an answer, to get where we’re going, to go somewhere new.

The 3rd Thing is an independent press dedicated to publishing necessary alternatives. We publish innovative work representing in form, content and perspective our interdisciplinary, intersectional priorities. Our projects are primarily by artists and writers who identify as members of traditionally marginalized groups, primarily Indigenous people, womxn, queer people and people of color. We think of each project as a break in the stockade—a way out of the settlement and into the wilderness. Come through.

Often our books are the result of an artist working in a non-dominant discipline—a playwright writes a book of poems, a theater-maker writes a book of essays, a filmmaker writes a book of theory…. And while our emphasis is on print traditions, our projects may take any number of forms: books, broadsides, performances, installations, colloquia, video anthologies, etc. 


Who Does What
The press is operated by a small, entirely volunteer staff.
Editor/Publisher: Anne de Marcken
Promotions/Project Editor: Alison Bailey
Assistant to the Press/Project Editor: M Freeman
The 3rd Thing was founded in 2019 by Anne de Marcken, M Freeman, Sarah Tavis and Grey. 

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Purchasing books and other projects, such as our broadsides, directly from our website ensures that a significantly greater portion of the amount you spend goes to the press and to the author. This is true of most independent presses. Often we are able to pass that savings along to readers by offering significant discounts on direct purchases. Always check to see if it is possible to buy directly from a publisher.

Over the years, I’ve seen many excellent literary presses come along, and yet I’ve not seen anything quite like what The 3rd Thing has done…. The books both stand on their own, acknowledging and speaking from their own place, and are also in communion with the others published that year, and in times prior. Eight titles in, I look forward to what is to come.-Rick Simonson, Elliott Bay Book Company

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Bookstores, Libraries & Educators

    • Our books are distributed to the trade and the academic market by Asterism. Visit their website to inquire about stocking 3rd Thing books and about course-adoption.

Reviews, Author Events & General Inquiries

    • If you would like to review one of our books, host an author event, or for general inquiries about the press, please contact us by email at editors@the3rdthing [dot] press.


    • At this time, we are considering projects only by invitation. If you know – or if you are – an artist or writer who you think we should know about, drop us a line at editors@the3rdthing [dot] press. We are always on the lookout for necessary alternatives. Include relevant links to work, but no attachments. We won’t open any message with an attachment. Keep it simple. And please forgive the slowness of our response time. Sign up to receive our periodic dispatches and follow us on social media (Instagram / Twitter) to find out about open reading periods and other specific opportunities to engage.