Good Symptom


A serial anthology of time-based disturbances, forthcoming 2023

Released in 12 monthly installments, this suite of short films troubles the boundaries between and within cinematic and literary forms. Good Symptom showcases literary media arts experiments that push the language of poetry, essay, correspondence, autobiography, manifestos, thought pieces and hybrid literary works off the page and onto the screen. Every month, subscribers to this series will enter a world that disregards genre and disturbs disciplinary lines between literary and media arts with 1-3 short films and accompanying critical essays by project curators and guest writers.



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About the Project

This serial anthology is curated by contemplative filmmaker and autotheorist M Freeman, along with Rana San and Chelsea Werner-Jatzke. Inspired by Roland Barthes’ idea that “The incapacity to name is a good symptom of disturbance” (Camera Lucida, 1980), each monthly release will include one to three short films and an accompanying critical essay that observes, wonders, speculates and imagines the implications of work that defies easy categorization and resists our impulse to name. This project challenges the page as the domain of literary art and showcases films by Black and Indigenous womxn, other womxn of Color and people with disabilities who create as poets, essayists, hybrid writers, filmmakers, media artists, and interdisciplinary artists. Good Symptom invests fully in the conviction that necessary alternatives to received ideas about authorship, publishing and genre arise from artists who live and work outside the stockade of dominant culture. 

About the Project Team

M Freemanmedia artist, writer, queer, and contemplativeis author of The Illuminated Space: A Personal Theory & Contemplative Practice of Media Art  (The 3rd Thing, 2020) and creator of Cinema Divina, short films made through and for contemplative practice. 

Rana San is an intermedia artist, curator, and night dreamer pondering language and lineage, intimacy and interdependence. Her film poetry and analog photography meld dreamwork, movement, and word play. She is the Artistic Director at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle and co-director of the annual Cadence Video Poetry Festival.

Chelsea Werner-Jatzke is a writer and arts organizer exploring the liminal spaces of the literary arts. She is the author of 3 chapbooks and is co-founder and co-director of Cadence Video Poetry Festival.