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A Gift-Giver's Guide to Necessary Alternatives

The four books of the 2020 Cohort are necessary alternatives in a time when we need new stories and new ways of telling them, a time when we need to remember what has almost been lost and imagine how to go on together into a future that can sustain us all. A book is more than a beautiful object. It travels through time and space and connects us to one another.

Yes, but which beautiful book to give
to which beautiful person?

Give The High Alive to the person who has read their way through all the lists and has arrived empty handed – still starving, still thirsting – at the dark edge of the forest, the bright edge of the desert.

Brilliant, devastating, necessary literature. – Thalia Field, author of Experimental Animals 

Drama/Poetry, 386 pages | Regularly $28, on sale now for $22.40
(we give $4.50 to The Okra Project)

Give Fugitive Assemblage to anyone who has felt crazy or gone crazy or gone on the run or run out of patience with stories that use too many words to say the same old thing in the same old way.

Mysterious, restless, searching, flat out beautiful, and finally, heartbreaking. – Amina Cain, Creature and Indelicacy

Fiction, 164 pages | Regularly $24, on sale now for $19.20
(we give $3.80 to The Okra Project)

Give The Illuminated Space to the seeker and see-er of ordinary wonder, to the person who wants even more than creative solutions…they want a creative practice.

Freeman awakens us to numinous possibilities that await both in art and in the whole wide world around us. It is a book of uncommon grace. – Bill Nichols, author of Introduction to Documentary

Nonfiction / Essay, 280 pages, full color | Regularly $28, on sale now for $22.40
(we give $4.50 to The Okra Project)

Give There Must Be Happy Endings to the essay-lover, theater-maker, artist…to the human who believes in happy endings, who used to believe in happy endings, who wants to believe in happy endings again.

I recommend this book to anyone who is writing, directing, acting or just plain living in our “chaotic and unjust world.” – Eric Bogosian 

Essay, 230 pages | Regularly $24, on sale now for $19.20
(we give $3.80 to The Okra Project)

Can’t choose? We totally understand! Give the whole set to the person who simply loves books—to read them, to hold them, to smell them.

All together, they add up to $104, but right now you can get all four of these beautiful books for just $76.80, and we’ll give $15.40 of your purchase to The Okra Project.

Oh! And add our organic cotton “Create Culture” tote for the deluxe, full day, luxury spa 3rd Thing gift package.

Give a 3rd Thing broadside to the person in high school who had the coolest locker, whose refrigerator door is an inspiration, who has (or wants) a “salon wall” and riot grrl would be proud of. 

Lovingly hand set and printed on Community Print’s VanderCook proofing press with wood type, vintage botanical blocks, and hand-mixed inks. Your limited edition print will have all the slight variations and wabi sabi tonality of an old school Olympia DIY gem. You might wind up with a subtle fadeout or a deep black intensity; either way your broadside will be a one-of-a-kind beauty.⁠

Like everything during our Transfer of Power Sale, ⁠all the broadsides are 20% off. Each print is under $20 and sets of three are under $50! Plus right now we give 20% of every purchase to @theokraproject. (And they come beautifully wrapped!) 

The three broadsides in the PHASES series feel related to the moon – vast and subtle and intimate.⁠ They feature words by 2020 Land Acknowledgment writer Melissa Bennett and by 3rd Thing co-founders Anne de Marcken and Sarah Tavis. Each is 2-color and is A4-sized (8.3″ x 11.7″)⁠ – substantial but not overwhelming.

For a set of four 13″ x 19″ broadsides celebrating our authors, we plucked a few of our favorite lines from the books of the 2020 Cohort.:
• “I wish the night I wish my skin I wish your body I wish her bones.” from FUGITIVE ASSEMBLAGE⁠ by Jennifer Calkins
• “Remember to leave the city. Remember to run if you need to.” from THE HIGH ALIVE by Carlos Sirah
• “And there you are in the filmy air of eternity.” from THE ILLUMINATED SPACE by Marilyn Freeman
• “Looking directly at terrible things is hard, but harder still is looking at the part of yourself that understands them.” from THERE MUST BE HAPPY ENDINGS by Megan Sandberg-Zakian

And the IMAGINE broadsides are reminders that every act of imagination can help create the world we need. They are affordable to frame at about 7″ x 9.25″. Choose a favorite or get all three for under $50 during our Transfer of Power Sale.⁠

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