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Submit Your Work

Submit Your Work

Good Symptom is open for submissions through December 20, 2022.

Visit our submission page at Film Freeway.

We prioritize submissions from queer, Black and Indigenous people, other people of color, and people living with disabilities – people who create as poets, essayists, hybrid writers, filmmakers, media artists, and interdisciplinary artists.

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We are looking for literary media arts experiments that push the language of poetry, essay, correspondence, autobiography, manifestos, thought pieces and hybrid literary works off the page and onto the screen: Work that might be lyrical, might be essayistic, might be personal, political, meditative, songlike, spacious, dense, raplike, performative, spoken word…or any combination of these and more. We’re looking for experiments that disregard genre and disturb disciplinary lines between literary and media arts.

We are inspired by what Roland Barthes writes in Camera Lucida, that “The incapacity to name is a good symptom of disturbance.”